You spend hours playing it on your smartphone, why not play Angry Birds in real life? That's what UNC Asheville goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen and his teammates did while filming a video of Angry Birds-inspired soccer trick shots.

Hurskainen, known for making epic trick shot videos, and fellow teammate Dan Jackson set up Angry Birds plushes on bleachers, buildings and basketball hoops and knocked the plush pigs down from multiple angles through impressive kicks with precision.

The video, which has amassed nearly two million views, shows the duo knocking over Angry Birds-themed pigs all over the UNC Asheville campus to the tune of the Angry Birds theme song, but a European-techno mix version. The pair is joined by Paul Egle who kicks a ball from the top of a hill, knocking over a pig balancing on top of a stick.

Clearly, Angry Birds has reached new heights in popularity. Since its release from developer Rovio Mobile on Dec. 10, 2009, Angry Birds sold over 12 million copies from Apple's App Store alone. Angry Birds is the number one paid app in 67 countries with 350 million downloads worldwide. Users set out to retrieve eggs stolen by evil green pigs using a slingshot to shoot birds which knock over structures to eliminate all of the pigs.

In the end, Lassi Hurskainen declares himself the winner, forcing Dan Jackson to dress as an Angry Bird, while the entire team launches soccer balls at him a la Angry Birds.

I bet these guys wish their victory dance moves while playing Angry Birds were as good as their trick shots.