The Asian trading session was not very positive, where most of the major Asian currencies were trading with a downside bias despite the positive data seen from Japan.

The Japanese economy released 2011's fourth quarter figures for the capital spending, where it advanced to 7.6%, compared with the prior reading of -9.8%, also it exceeded expectations of -6.5%.

Starting with the Japanese currency, as the USD/JPY pair is retreating, as it is currently trading around 81.28, which means that it retreated by (0.03%) since the last session, yet it recorded its highest at 81.31 and lowest at 80.55.

Moving to the NZD/USD pair, which is slightly retreating, where the pair is currently trading around 0.8345 after it reached the highest at 0.8411 and lowest at 0.8344.

Moving to the Australian dollar, as it recorded a slight drop as aussie fell versus the U.S. dollar; the pair reached its highest level in today's trading session at 1.0796 and reached its lowest level at 1.0753, while it is currently trading around 1.0734.

Heading to Europe, it has various important data to be released today, where the euro zone will release February's annualized CPI estimate along the unemployment rate, also Switzerland will issue the nation's quarterly and annualized GDP for 2011's fourth quarter .