According to the latest reports, “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception,” one of the most popular games of the year, has received a patch 1.03 confirmation and was made live for download by developers Naughty Dog, who will fix the infamous DLC issues within the game.

The new patch fix will let the player download the upcoming “Uncharted” DLC, titled “Flashback” that will be available on Jan. 17 once the game is updated with the new patch.

The patch has been released to include some live updates for the game’s multiplayer mode. With the new 1.03 patch, users in the largest party in a game room will no longer be designated as Villains in a large majority of the time. The cutscene viewer audio issues have also been fixed.

The players will also need to keep in mind that the developers can make live updates on certain aspects of the multiplayer game. However, some changes have already been made, like the “Creepy Crawler Kickback” now requires 17 medals to activate (previously 15 medals), and the “Quick Boom Kickback” now requires 10 medals to activate (previously 7 medals). Note that a five-second decrease has been applied to its duration (now 15 seconds, previously 20 seconds).

According to a Gaming Entertainment report, as many as four maps can also be expected from the first and the second Uncharted titles, namely the Sanctuary, Cave, Lost City and Fort. However, the maps can be revamped to include new atmospheric effects and improved lighting.