“Under the Dome” is only a few days away from airing its Season 2 premiere on Monday, June 30 at 10 p.m. EDT. So to prepare for episode 1, “Heads will Roll,” we’ve rounded up the top 11 things fans should know before the townsfolk of Chester’s Mill make their way back to the small screen.

1. Barbie’s Fate Revealed: Any Mike Vogel fans out there? Well, if you happen to be one of them, don’t fret. Although the last time we saw Dale “Barbie” Barbara his neck was accessorized with a noose, he’ll manage to escape Big Jim’s gallows when the premiere airs thanks to a little help from Junior.

2. New Threat: The residents of Chester’s Mills will face a new type of horror when the dome becomes magnetic. If you think that doesn’t sound terrifying then just check out the Season 2 premiere clip below:

3. Death Toll Will Rise: Unfortunately one of your favorite characters might not make it past episode 1, according to executive producer Neal Baer. “One of our characters [meets] a very untimely death,” he said during a summer preview event. “So will another character; they meet their untimely death, as well. That doesn’t mean you won’t necessarily see them again because anything is possible under the dome.”

4. Ghosts Will Haunt Chester’s Mill: We’ve seen our fair share of wild things occur in “Under the Dome” but now the CBS series will introduce ghosts in Season 2 – ones that specifically have it out for Big Jim. "There are moments where Big Jim maybe sees ghosts," Dean Norris, who plays the show’s villain, told TV Guide. "While it's a terrifying situation, it's also funny to see Big Jim have to squirm with these kind of ghosts of Christmas past and the future and have to deal with them."

5. Food Shortage: Magnetic domes won’t be the only problematic situation in Season 2. The remaining survivors will have to cope with a serious food shortage when the new season returns.

"This is a season really almost about ecological disaster impending," Baer explained to TV Guide. "That magnetism has caused many things to happen. You'll see our characters, particularly Big Jim, confronting almost ... biblical problems of pestilence and bloody rain because ... our characters haven't been the stewards of protecting the land and protecting each other."

6. Science vs. Faith: This theme will largely play into Season 2. “We have this real tension between science and faith this year,” Baer explained during the summer preview event. “And Big Jim is caught in the middle.”

7. Dome Loving: According to reports, Barbie’s storyline with Julia will unfold in episode 3. Do you think he’ll forgive her for choosing the safety of the eggs over his life? TV Guide hinted that a “very, very trying situation” will put their relationship to the test in Season 2.

8. New Characters: Chester’s Mill will welcome some new faces with the premiere of Season 2. Junior’s uncle, Sam Verdreaux (Eddie Cahill), will be introduced as the “reclusive” brother-in-law of Big Jim. Fans of the show will also get to meet a young school teacher named Rebecca Pine (Karla Crome) who will challenge Big Jim’s faith with scientific reasoning.

9. Origin of the Dome: In episode 1, Julia will “seek out the help of a stranger to save the life of a mysterious girl who may hold clues to the origin of the Dome,” the summary for “Heads Will Roll” teased.

10. Will Anyone Enter/Get Out of the Dome?: “Maybe someone might possibly get out and someone might get in as well this year,” Baer teaser. He also added that Season 2 would feature a digital-only character who will be able to communicate with residents trapped in the dome. Looks like Chester’s Mill finally switched cable providers for better Internet access.

11. Stephen King Cameo: King is no stranger to making appearances within films based on his books (i.e. “Pet Sematary”). And the master of mysteries will keep his tradition alive by making a cameo in the first epiosde of “Under the Dome.”

The Season 2 Premiere of “Under the Dome” will air on CBS on Monday, June 30 at 10 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen? What are you looking forward to seeing? Sound off in the comments section below.