“Under the Dome” had a pretty hectic episode 3, wouldn’t you agree? Fans found out that Junior’s mother is actually alive and living outside of the dome -- thanks to a random burst of Internet connection. We also learned that the mysterious girl Julia found drowning in the lake is a girl named Melanie Cross from the year 1988. And last but not least, fans were informed that Rebecca may not be as likable as they thought. According to the teacher, the town doesn’t have much time before they all starve to death, which means Chester’s Mill is facing a possible extermination.

Rebecca explained that the town is running out of resources – quickly. That’s why she decided to give townsfolk a survey, which would ultimately serve as a census to see who is strong enough to survive and who is dead weight.

“Days coming where there won’t be enough food to sustain us,” Rebecca revealed to Big Jim, Barbie and Julia of why they should consider “thinning the herd.” Julia seemed to be the only one sickened by Rebecca’s horrific plan. Will Big Jim and Barbie come to their senses before another life is taken?

Episode 4, “Revelation,” will hone in on that exact question. According to the synopsis for next week’s episode, which is set to air Monday, July 21, at 10 p.m. EDT, “conditions in Chester’s Mill will worsen, leaving Big Jim and Rebecca to consider resorting to the extreme measure of population control.” This debate will ultimately “drive a wedge between Barbie and Julia”

under the dome season 2 spoilers Will Barbie and Big Jim heed to Rebecca's plan of killing off innocent residents in episode 4 of "Under the Dome"? Photo: Brownie Harris/CBS2014

But perhaps Melanie will be the missing piece that can help solve the food crisis problem occurring in the Dome. The summary suggests Melanie’s past and connection to the spherical mystery surrounding the town will be revealed during episode 4.

Sound off with your predictions for episode 4 in the comments section below and chime in with whether or not you agree with Rebecca’s plan to rid Chester’s Mill of the weak. Would you kill off the innocent for the survival of the town?