The wrestling world was shocked on Sunday when Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. The loss ended the 49-year-old’s undefeated WrestleMania streak, which stood at 21-0.

The outcome may have been the most unlikely in WWE history. Before the event began, The Undertaker was listed as a 1/50 favorite to keep his perfect record intact.

While there has been speculation that the streak might eventually end, few, if any, thought that Lesnar would be the one to finally defeat The Undertaker on WWE’s biggest stage. He left the company in 2004 and returned eight years later, but only as a part-time performer. In the last year, he’s only had four matches. Many had hoped that, if the streak would be broken, it’d be done by a future top WWE superstar, like Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt.

The streak’s conclusion signifies the end of an era in WWE. It’s unknown what the future holds for The Undertaker, but there’s a chance his 2014 WrestleMania match was the final one of his career. As the oldest wrestler to compete in a match on Sunday, The Undertaker may no longer be fit to perform on a yearly basis. He’s undergone a number of surgeries after recent WrestleMania matches, and he was taken to the hospital after his match with Lesnar, having suffered a concussion.

There have been rumors that Sting is set to sign with WWE, setting up a WrestleMania 31 match between The Undertaker and him. However, neither wrestler appeared on the most recent edition of “Monday Night Raw.”

From WrestleMania 25 to WrestleMania 29, The Undertaker may have had the best match on each card. Shawn Michaels and he put on, perhaps, the greatest wrestling display in WWE history. The Deadman’s matches with Triple H and CM Punk were classics, as well.

On Sunday, however, The Undertaker vs. Lesnar may have been the worst match on the card. The crowd was silent for the first few minutes, and the Phenom looked every bit his age. After his first WrestleMania loss, the announcement of his retirement could be on the horizon.

The conclusion of the streak puts added pressure on WWE. Each year, The Undertaker’s match is one of the biggest attractions at WrestleMania, and often steals the show. Now, the company has a major void to fill in their biggest show of the year.

It’s unknown what the future holds for Lesnar in WWE. He’s reportedly signed until WrestleMania 31, but there have been rumors he could, eventually, return to UFC. His victory over The Undertaker, though, indicates he’s a major part of WWE’s future. It shouldn’t be long before he gets a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title, possibly giving him a match with Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam.

Lesnar was a heavy underdog heading into WrestleMania 30. Most fans assumed The Undertaker would win and it’s been reported that only a handful of people knew the outcome. However, a late shift in the betting odds indicates that some knew Lesnar would come out on top. According to Forbes, The Undertaker’s odds at went from -5000 on Saturday afternoon to -1200 on 6:15 p.m. ET Sunday night.