The Dollar hit a 15-month low against major currencies on Wednesday on the view that U.S. Interest Rates will remain low well into next year, though it regained some ground after failing to push through key levels. By yesterday's close, the USD fell slightly against the EUR, pushing the oft-traded currency pair to 1.5015. The Dollar went bullish against the AUD and closed at 0.9355. The USD also experienced similar behavior against the GBP as it jumped around 120 points and closed at 1.6595.

Many worry that the U.S. economy, however, will recovery slowly, and a bevy of Federal Reserve officials have bolstered that view this week, warning the recovery would be erratic and hinting that Interest Rates would remain low for some time. Low Interest Rates make the Dollar less attractive to investors than higher-yielding currencies, stocks and commodities.

As for today, much data is expected from the U.S. economy. Special attention should be given to the Crude Oil Inventories, which is expected to increase from the previous reading. Traders should pay close attention to this figure as it has a strong correlation with the value of the U.S. Dollar. Also today, the Unemployment Claims is scheduled and should also have an impact on the market, because if it delivers unfavorable figures that will validate a problematic U.S. economy, and the USD is likely to weaken as a result.