Uni-Pixel, www.unipixel.com –the production stage company focusing on developing revolutionary display technologies that use a whole new architecture, which is Clearly Superior™ to all existing technologies, today reported the release of its new FPR (fingerprint resistant) screen protectors for the iPhone and iPad.

President and CEO of UNXL, Reed Killion, called the patent-pending FPR technology, which is the cutting edge of screen protectors, a perfect solution to smudges from a user’s fingers on the screen of a device, and a technology which makes competitors pale by comparison.

The Clearly Superior™ Performance Engineered FPR film surface is made of millions of micro-optic structures that clear the oil deposited by the user’s fingers from the surface of the screen, allowing for simple usage and high-quality viewing experiences.

Killion cited surging smartphone demand as the basis for a roughly $250M annual touch screen protector market which the Company is strategically positioning itself to dominate.

Offering FPR protectors under the UniPixel brand for Internet sale venues like the UNXL Amazon Storefront, and actively negotiating with multiple retailers and OEMs for private label deals, the Company is ready to meet the demands of a growing market with a truly first-in-its-class solution and the initiative to find whatever distribution methodology it takes.

Designed to also prevent scratches, screen glare and bubbles or peeling, UNXL’s Clearly Superior™ screen protection sets the benchmark for safeguarding this increasingly vital tool in the modern arsenal, promising show stopping revenues to eager investors.