Unilava Corp., a full-spectrum communications and advertising company, announced today the availability of a new product, the Broadband Bullet, which has been pre-sold via the Company’s existing sales and distribution infrastructure.

The Broadband Bullet is a powerful, easy-to-use new USB device which offers 8GB storage, like an ordinary flash drive, but also allows customers wireless broadband access via 3G and 3G+ high-speed data network standards (based on the High Speed Packet Access protocol, or HSPA/HSPA+).

With 7.2Mbps (3G) and 12Mbps (3G+) connectivity, the Broadband Bullet is an outstanding solution for mobile Internet, allowing customers on the go to simply plug the USB stick into their laptop and experience a blazing fast connection in over 120 countries worldwide on a robust 3G wireless broadband network.

EVP of Business Development and Technology for Unilava, Boaz Yung, described the Broadband Bullet as a reliable and truly “plug-and-connect experience for business travelers” seeking high-speed Internet access on a reliable network while out on the road doing business.

Yung said that the Broadband Bullet allows customers to stay connected “virtually anywhere, anytime, and is future-proof as the evolution of 3G technology progresses and upgrades”.

One of the unique features which sets the Bullet apart from its competitors is the lack of any form of restrictive contract, because the competitively-priced service is prepaid, with 5GB/month starting at $50 and unlimited usage for only $60.

Another unique feature is the Company’s ‘Equipment Reimbursement’ program, which effectively results in the device costing the customer nothing.

EVP of Sales for Unilava, Chris Chen, hailed the pre-order program as contributing enormously to the overall success of the new product and service, citing the lack of any contracts, ease of use, and the reimbursement program as a winning configuration, making Unilava the first to offer such cutting-edge service in such a user-friendly package.

Chen promised to continue to drive forward with aggressive marketing and sales initiatives to support the launch of the new product, whose success will no doubt translate into even greater returns for the Company’s investors.

San Francisco-based Unilava is licensed for long distance in 41 states and local phone service in 11, and is a provider of wireless broadband via its carrier-grade microwave network, which offers hosted mobile high-fidelity Voice over IP (VoIP), as well as a sophisticated suite of fee-based advertising and web services, in addition to other innovative products.