So far, fears remain strongly spread on the European soil up till now since that the $1 trillion bailout to be given by the European Union for the region's most indebted countries may most probably not be sufficient to cut the area's deficits, causing the euro to trade near its lowest level since March 2009 and to stay presently weak, while that currently technical movements are also surrounding the currencies market.

As a result, the euro-dollar pair is slightly plummeting on the four-hour and one-hour charts and may slide further to the downside according to the four-hour momentum indicators since that the Union currency is loosing momentum on the uncertainties so far spread regarding the European recovery, having the euro trading at 1.2620 recording a high of 1.2739 and a low of 1.2602 with a resistance seen at 1.2790 and a support at 1.2560.

As for the pound-dollar pair, it is narrow trading due to strong technical movements but may start to plummet according to the four-hour stochastic oscillator, having up till now the royal pound trading around 1.4838 recording a high of 1.5043 and a low of 1.4816 with a resistance level that could be detected around 1.4930 and a support level witnessed at 1.4755.

Now, the dollar-yen pair is consolidating as well as the pound-dollar pair as a result of technical movements present throughout the currencies market, still according to the one-hour and four-hour momentum indicators the pair may plunge slightly, having the low-yielding yen now trading at 93.13 recording a high of 93.28 and a low of 92.43 with a resistance of 94.00 and a support of 92.80.