Yesterday, Universal Detection Technology announced that they signed an agreement for radiation detection distribution in Japan. Precision Technologies PTD will give the Company an on-the-ground marketing presence in Japan.

There are concerns over food contaminated by radiation from areas surrounding the troubled nuclear plant in Fukushima. These concerns spread beyond Japan’s borders Monday morning, with world health officials warning of the potential dangers posed by the tainted food.

On Monday, World Health Organization (WHO) officials told reporters that Japan should act quickly to ban food sales from areas around the damaged nuclear plant. They said that radiation in food is more dangerous than radioactive particles in the air because of accumulation in the human body.

WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl said, “Walking outside for a day and eating food repeatedly are two different things. This is why they’re going to have to take some decisions quickly in Japan to shut down and stop food being used completely from zones which they feel might be affected.”

Jacques Tizabi, Universal Detection Technology’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Through our agreement with Precision Technologies we can directly market our radiation detection products to individuals and agencies in Japan and help in protecting people from radiation exposure as soon as possible.”

Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, Universal Detection Technology supplies nuclear detection and monitoring systems. These include electronic dosimetry and teledosimetry devices. Other best-in-breed solutions include contamination and clearance applications, personnel and vehicle/cargo gateway monitors, as well as portable survey meters. They also provide innovative passive dosimetry systems for measurement of cumulative radiation exposures.

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