Universal Detection Technology is a developer of monitoring technologies, including bioterrorism detection devices. Founded in 1971, they and their development partners work to capitalize on opportunities related to Homeland Security. In cooperation with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, they have developed a bacterial spore detector that detects certain biohazard substances.

Universal Detection Technology is also a reseller of handheld assays used for detection of five bioterrorism agents, radiation detection systems, and antimicrobial products. The company has developed a real-time continuous detection device, BSM-2000, which identifies abnormal levels of bacterial spores in the air. This can give warning of a possible anthrax attack. The BSM-2000 provides unattended monitoring of airborne bacterial spores in public places.

Universal Detection Technology also designs, manufactures, markets, and sells automated continuous air monitoring instruments used to detect and measure acid rain, ozone depletion, and smog, among other things. Additionally, they offer anthrax-detection test kits, surveillance cameras, anti-microbial products, and training material and reference DVDs.

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