Regardless of what’s going on in our economy, one thing investors observe with the upmost importance is safety to our country and protection across the globe. Universal Detection Technology is taking this pledge of safety to another level.

Universal Detection Technology has gained a stellar global reputation as a developer of monitoring technologies such as bioterrorism detection devices. Today, the company took a major step towards enhancing its future with the announcement that it will be working with the U.S. Department of Commerce to market anthrax detection equipment which will combat bioterrorism in Australia. UNDT will be listed as a Feature U.S. Exporter on Commercial Service’s Australia website.

UNDT’s 5-agent bioterrorism detection kits have been used extensively by first responders and the private industry throughout the United States. The young company will promote these kits throughout Australia through their agreement with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commercial Service.

These unique kits have exceeded expectations when tested by the U.S. Department of Defense as well as the United Kingdom military. The kits are designed to test for anthrax, botulinum toxin, ricin, plague and SEB’s in as little as 3 minutes. Perhaps even more important, there have been no false positives in these tests which add to the credibility of the kits.

When asked what this relationship with the U.S. Government will mean to the future of UNDT, Jacques Tizabi who serves as the CEO of the young company was quoted as saying, “Through our relationship with the U.S. Department of Commerce, we are working to expand our bio-weapons detection equipment offerings in countries that have been targeted by terrorists. We will continue to expand our international network through our relationship with the Department of Commerce.”

Currently, UNDT is trading in the $0.01 range. With a government contract in place, a unique product which is already gaining global exposure and a strong management team in place, UNDT may evolve into a household name in the near future.

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