Located in Los Angeles, California, Universal Detection Technology has proven itself as a top-notch developer of monitoring technologies which include bioterrorism detection devices. Today, the young company announced that they received an order from Washington D.C.’s Office of Public Safety and Justice for their unique bio-terror and chemical weapon detection equipment.

Universal Detection Technology’s products’ have gained recognition due to their successful early-warnings of the deadly threats of bioterrorism as well as other infectious health threats. The purchase order from the Office of Public Safety and Justice will add a great deal of credibility to the company.

The purchase order includes Universal’s recently added Chameleon line of chemical detection equipment. The Chameleon line of products is very affordable and easy to use which makes it attractive in the field of safety.

Leading the way at Universal is Jacques Tizabi who serves as the company’s CEO. When asked what this order will mean to the future of Universal, Tizabi was quoted as saying, “One of UNDT’s goals has always been to become a one-stop-shop for CBRN detection equipment to first responders throughout the country. The purchase order from the Office of Public Safety and Justice is the first order that combines UNDT’s chemical and biological weapon detection equipment.”

The Chameleon line offers an array of technology that has never been seen before. The innovation in color change technology enables the wearer to quickly determine the presence of a variety of hazardous chemicals and has successfully been evaluated by both the United States and the United Kingdom’s military.

To learn more about Universal Detection Technology, visit their website at www.udetection.com.