Universal Detection Technology, www.udetection.com – the developers of revolutionary monitoring and early warning bio-detectors that have applications from bioterrorism to healthcare, announced a new product today designed to rapidly detect the three biggest indoor mold concerns.

The device uses concepts from immunochromatographic assays (rapid test, sometimes called a hand-held assay or HHA) to offer high-fidelity rapid detection, and is able to detect specific species and sub-species of Aspergillus and Penicillium, as well as species of Stachybotrys (chlorohalonata, microspora, echinata, chartarum and etc.).

These top three serious types of mold are prevalent in buildings that have been flooded and where climate conditions contribute to mold propagation, such as homes flooded in Hurricane Katrina, where such molds pose a serious health risk to occupants.

This device is tailored to meet the requirements of early-warning monitoring, and constitutes a robust, accurate solution for addressing indoor mold-related health-safety concerns:

• Detection results in 15 minutes at or below concentrations of 100k spores per ml.
• Each test individually packaged in a vapor-lock pouch
• Separate detection for each species (Aspergillus, Penicillium and Stachybotrys)
• No cross-reactivity to neighboring strains or household substances
• Designed to be compact and very light, with a 2-year shelf life

CEO of UNDT, Jacques Tizabi, beamed at the debut of this first-of-its-kind mold detector, touting it as an ideal solution for homeowners, who would be able to detect and address mold “in as little as 15 minutes and remediate any mold damage prior to the onset of health complications”.

The Company has really put together an attractive portfolio of bio-detection technology that is continuously being translated into profitable applications like the bacterial spore detector developed with NASA, and on the whole is in prime position to capitalize on emerging opportunities in private or public sector applications like Homeland Security.