The ability to keep track of high-cost assets is something that businesses have had to deal with internally. Accountants and technicians synch up physical counts with what is on the books. But where actually are these assets? While large companies can customize their own tracking systems, smaller companies have had to come up with their own solutions. Universal Tracking Solutions, Inc. (UTRK.OB) specializes in bringing an enterprise solution to mid-level companies that enables them to track their fleets with GPS technology.

The UTS Fleet Manager is a well thought-out system that allows companies to view their fleet’s current location in a number of applications. Rather than view random dots on a basic map, the UTS Fleet Manager allows a company to customize the icons associated with each vehicle so that users can distinguish between a delivery truck, a flatbed truck, or a semi-trailer. The icons can also be further customized to designate a vehicle’s status, such as stopped, idle, or moving.

The UTS system is built to allow the user to view their assets on a variety of map styles. Some users are comfortable with a traditional map, like a Thomson Guide, that shows streets and highways. Other users may prefer to view their fleets on a satellite image to gain a more real-world view. For those companies that are concerned about making deadlines, they can utilize traffic maps that provide up-to-date congestion issues. The system even gives a user the ability to zoom, pan around a map, or even overlay a traditional map onto satellite images. This built-in flexibility allows the system to be utilized by a number of users who may have a different focus or goal for the information.

Not only does the UTS system allow a company to track their vehicles in real-time, the UTS Fleet Manager also gives a company the ability to store historical information on where and when its vehicles have traveled. If employees are required to stay on a specific route, a company has the ability to verify that the route is being followed in a timely manner. For companies that are concerned with vehicles possibly being used outside of work parameters, a geo-fence can be established for their fleet. A geo-fence is a set boundary for a vehicle that can be created in 3 ways: a traditional circle, a 10-point polygon, or a 10-point line. If a vehicle goes beyond the set boundaries, an email or text message can be relayed to a designated fleet tracking employee.

Not only can personnel be notified when a boundary is crossed, a number of other alerts can also be set including excessive idle alerts, rapid acceleration and deceleration alerts, and speed alerts. But those monitoring a fleet do not have to be at their computer to receive these alerts. The UTS system can forward alerts to any specified handheld PDA, such as a Blackberry. To better analyze fleet usage, the UTS Fleet Manager has 20 user-defined reports that can be automatically delivered via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

UTS has partnered with Garmin Personal Navigation Devices (PND) to provide its clients with a real-time fleet management tool. Dispatch Link allows a fleet manager to quickly determine if a driver is on the way to a specified destination, has made it to a particular destination, or if the driver has completed the number of scheduled stops for the day. Dispatch Link also provides the fleet manager with an estimated time of arrival to a particular stop, as well as provides a confirmation that a driver has received delivery information and has removed it from a delivery list.

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