As we go through our day-to-day activities, we have all witnessed what other drivers do in their vehicles. We see a parent training their child to drive, teenagers putting on make-up, or people talking on cell-phones. But we’ve also seen people peel out from a red light as if they were on the Fast and Furious. This behavior is often seen in personal vehicles, but sometimes drivers behave this way in company vehicles. Universal Tracking Solutions, Inc.’s products assist companies with their goals of highlighting safety and keeping liability insurance costs down.

We have to admit that most of us have all broken the law at one time or another. It’s not unusual for people to drive 10 miles over the posted speed limit or not completely stop at a stop sign. Minor infractions happen all the time. Although these antics may not seem like much, each does have ramifications and risks, especially when drivers are using fleet vehicles.

Most people drive in a conservative manner when a parent or other person of authority is sitting next to them. We tend to drive slower and keep distractions to a minimum. By installing Universal’s GPS tracking system into fleet vehicles, companies give their drivers the feel that someone is in the vehicle with them. Fleet drivers often modify their behavior into a more conservative mode when they know that Universal’s technology has been implemented on their vehicles. Of course when drivers change to a conservative mindset, they are safer on the job and fewer accidents occur.

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