Universal Tracking Solutions is an enterprise solutions based provider of telemetry and GPS fleet tracking systems. The company provides its customers an unparalleled mapping technology that is considered the best in the industry. The company’s technology combines several of North America’s premier GPS mapping providers into one application allowing for detailed street level mapping for all of North America.

In today’s difficult economic environment, Universal Tracking Solutions GPS fleet tracking system can be beneficial, particularly to small and mid-sized firms. Firms can easily keep track of large and expensive equipment and cargo. Not only does the company’s GPS system allow customers to monitor the equipment’s location but also other important productivity data such as engine run-times.

The company’s GPS system has several highly beneficial features for customers. An example would be if equipment is moved outside of pre-set time or location parameters (perhaps stolen), a real-time alert can be sent to a customers’ cell phone. Another example is the shipping of cargo; a sending unit can be attached to the cargo. Since the unit runs on alkaline batteries lasting up to one year, the system is not dependent on a vehicle’s battery or engine charging, both of which are not available in trailers or cargo containers.

Locating and tracking is what Universal Tracking Solutions does best. Some of the benefits provided by the company’s GPS fleet management system include the following: reduced overtime costs, increased routing productivity, fuel and maintenance savings, lower insurance premiums and timely reporting of stop/start activities along with any out-of-territory activity.

Universal Tracking Solutions continues to innovate. The company has introduced a pager-sized tracking device that operates on a rechargeable battery. This portable device makes it possible to monitor people, such as an elderly person or a child. As with the company’s other devices, a customer can be notified in real-time by email or SMS text when movement outside a pre-determined area is detected. This unit is also equipped with an “SOS” button that uses the system’s real-time alerts capability to forward an urgent alert to a customers’ email or SMS text.

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