Universal Tracking Solutions is an enterprise solutions based provider of telemetry and GPS fleet tracking systems. The company’s mapping technology combines several of North America’s premier GPS mapping providers into one application, enabling detailed street level mapping in The U.S., Canada and Mexico. There are many reasons businesses would benefit from implementing GPS fleet tracking systems, and we will review those reasons below.

Reduce fuel costs – By tracking vehicles, companies can monitor the actual fuel consumption against what is being reported by the employee. Companies can also evade additional fuel costs by quickly setting up driving routes in advance (this includes ability to print turn by turn directions), further reducing both labor costs and fuel costs.

Increase productivity –Because employees know they are being monitored, there is a decrease in use of the vehicle for personal use or side jobs, again, decreasing fuel consumption and labor costs. A business can also benefit from knowing where a particular vehicle is in relation to a customer in case the customer calls and wants to know how soon someone will be there.

Improve accountability – No longer will businesses have to suspect employees of inflating their work hours or overtime hours, or have to deal with customers that complain they are being over billed. With a GPS fleet tracking system, companies can verify durations and work hours, allowing a reduction in labor costs and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Encourage safe driving – Not only does GPS fleet tracking technology provide the position of a tracked vehicle, but it also provides the speed and heading. This additional information can be used to avoid potential lawsuits caused by unsafe driving. Since employees know that they are being tracked, they will obey the speed limit and drive responsibly.

Theft recovery – Online GPS tracking of a business’s fleet will guarantee the return of any vehicle and avoid the monetary loss, both in vehicle cost and downtime. Instant alerts are available if equipment is moved after hours.

Vehicle maintenance management – The UTS GPS tracking system includes a maintenance management feature that tracks when a vehicle reaches manufacturer suggested mileage points. Their GPS fleet tracking system greatly assists with predictive maintenance as well, since fleet managers are able to see the problem as it develops, potentially resulting in savings of thousands of dollars.

With increased employee productivity, reduced overtime expenditure, reduced fuel costs, increased safety, reduced maintenance costs and increased customer satisfaction, it is no wonder the market for GPS fleet tracking systems is anticipated to experience rapid growth, even during this challenging economy. With businesses actively seeking to take cost savings to the next level, Universal Tracking Solutions is well positioned for further growth.

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