Universal Tracking Solutions, Inc. offers a system that is increasingly being seen as a “must-have” item for almost any company involved in transporting their own or someone else’s products. It’s a unique GPS system that is qualitatively different than standard GPS offerings, resulting in a variety of cost savings and time savings for anyone using it.

With GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, companies can easily track their mobile assets, such as trucks and other vehicles that are becoming more and more costly to purchase, operate, and maintain. But what sets aside Universal Tracking is, first of all, their ability to customize and integrate their system into third-party applications, including routing services, billing applications, and field service operations. In addition, since they operate their own nationwide installation business, directly supporting their own devices, their customer service and reputation is stellar. (Their customer loss rate is less than 1%, and that is almost always due to reasons unrelated to Universal Tracking.) Add to this their remarkably low cost-to-market, and their growing strength in the industry is understandable.

In these tough times, companies are desperate to cut costs and operate more efficiently. They have to do more things with less money. Saving time and money is no longer just a goal, it’s necessary for survival. Operational overtime, which was in the past considered an accepted part of business, is now a potential business killer. If overtime includes driving fleet vehicles, it is even more expensive, involving drivers, fuel, and maintenance.

Universal’s easy to integrate GPS-based fleet management system makes employees 100% accountable, resulting in greatly increased productivity and the elimination of unnecessary overtime. Shorter distances are driven, there is less idle time, less fuel is burned, and maintenance is reduced. Also, because the sophisticated UTS fleet management system can track vehicle speed, acceleration, deceleration, along with many other things, wasteful and dangerous driving habits are quickly curbed, allowing insurance companies to provide policies with lower premiums. As if that weren’t enough, updates to the UTS software can now be done over-the-air, eliminating the need to bring vehicles in for upgrades.

It all means one thing. At the end of the day, users of Universal Tracking’s GPS system have more money. That’s why the company now supports over 4,000 installations in North America, with more contracts, including government contracts, on the way.

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