ea.com: Sims Social for Facebook

The newest producer video of the upcoming Sims Social on Facebook by EA has been released which provides further insight on the new game.

Producers Tom and Catharina have discussed how the game has the ability to deliver a truly social experience which will change with different friends who are online. The game will even move one when the player is offline.

The upcoming game will let the user create sims according to their choice and can live their dream, and can also create problems by pulling pranks. New features can be unlocked by developing deep relationships, according to an EA report.

Sims Social was announced during EA's 2011 E3 press conference. The game will have more cartoon-style art compared to the realistic art in the previous games in the series. The game will still, however, feature the isometric style of the Sims.

Sims Social will have 2D and will be released sometime in fall 2011.

Sims Social Producer Video:

Sims Social E3 Trailer: