The new famous computer virus called Conficker also known Downadup and Kido is the most severe outbreak in years infecting millions of Pc's worldwide.

All the antivirus experts have different opinions.

A fast-spreading computer worm has infected as many as 9 million computers around the world investigator said but some researchers said we don’t know. No one knows for sure how many computers are yet affected. Maybe six million, 10 million or possibly more than that.

All indications, though, seem to point to this being a real threat, even though a Microsoft patch has been available since October. Experts believe the worm is just the first part of a multi-stage attack that could be used to spread spam or steal personal information. But they don't know who's behind it or what they're planning next. if and when the virus does strike, the results could be catastrophic. However, nobody except the worm's creators know for sure what their next move will be.

The worm can block users from accessing their accounts, also spreads through portable storage devices it spread through memory sticks, unsecure networks and PCs that haven't been updated with the newest security updates.

The best way to protect against the worm is to make sure to update your software and passwords:

-Make sure your Windows security patches are up-to-date. Use the Windows Update feature on Windows Vista and Windows XP and always download the latest patches

-Make sure you have the most updated antivirus software and update it regularly. If already infected, it will help remove it.

-Change your passwords, use harder passwords with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols which are not related to you.

- Never use pirated software - Most viruses come from this - Viruses are merged in pirated software.

- Stop visiting porn website and stop downloading software on website that is unknown to you and stop downloading pirated software.