Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited?s („Harmony? or the „Company?) Doornkop mine is a single-shaft operation mining to a depth of just under 2 000 metres. Located 30km west of Johannesburg, Doornkop mines the South and Kimberley Reefs using both narrow-reef conventional and mechanised bord-and-pillar mining, with ore processed at its carbon-in-pulp plant. The majority of tonnes that are mined at Doornkop are from the South Reef and the balance is mined from the Kimberley Reef.

The massive improvement in year-on-year production at Doornkop reflects the production build-up on the South Reef and introduction of new trackless machinery on the Kimberley Reef. The build-up in production on the South Reef has however reached a plateau. As a result, Harmony has considered various design changes and ways of improving production from the South Reef. It was decided that production at Doornkop?s South Reef should be stopped for 17 days to upgrade the infrastructure. Production on the South Reef will recommence during the last week of February 2012.

Although production at Doornkop will be 45% to 50% less than the December quarter, the upgrade will accelerate its production growth in the long term, allowing the operation to ramp up to full production in FY15.

“This temporary production interruption is typical of a newly built operation. As you mine deeper and as production builds up, commissioning challenges are experienced. We have a lot of confidence in the geology and grade of South Reef and the upgrade allows us to exploit more of the developed South Reef reserves at an improved rate in future”, said Graham Briggs, chief executive officer.

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