UpLift Nutrition Inc. (UPNT.OB) is a development stage company and developer of natural energy and health drink Active UpLift, which comes in powder form to be mixed with water. The company markets the product through retail distributors, specialty health food outlets, and online. UpLift today announced it will boost its Internet marketing with a “Try it Free” campaign.

The new campaign will allow consumers to try Active UpLift through a request on its Web site – the consumer is only responsible for the shipping and handling charges. In the press release, the company said marketing tactics such as this one are integral to position UpLift as a competitive player in the healthy choice market.

“This is a big step for us,” UpLift President Gary Lewis declared. “With the huge growth in Internet product marketing throughout the world, we felt it was necessary to undertake this aggressive approach with an electronic sales campaign, all to better introduce our products to the new, rapidly growing internet buying market. To be competitive, we need to position ourselves to take advantage of the ever-increasing marketing information flow that only e-commerce can provide.”

In the same breath, the company highlighted the recent modification to its Web site to showcase existing products, as well as upcoming products it plans to introduce later this year.

Active UpLift contains no sugar or caffeine, separating it from many of the sugar-laden “health” drinks on the market. The powder is designed to be mixed with 10 oz. of water. Sacrificing 12 calories per serving, the drink delivers 14 vitamins, eight minerals, seven amino acids, electrolytes, a super anti-aging antioxidant blend, and herbs and nutrients.