PBS website was hacked and login and password information have been posted with fake news that says murdered rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls are alive in New Zealand on Sunday after it televised its Frontline: Wikisecrets - a recent documentary on Wikileaks.

Vice president of PBS corporate communications Anne Bentley has issued a statement about this attacking. Hackers targeted PBS NewsHour blog and got into the server and stole more than 2000 account information.

PBS said NewsHour social media production assistant Teresa Gorman has posted messages on the NewsHour's Twitter feed and Facebook page informing readers that the story was fake and that a hacking had occurred. The article was deleted from the website.

The hackers call themselves LulzSec or The Lulz Boat on twitter. They used a cracking method called SQL injection and invaded into the server of PBS. They posted every MySQL database password for the administrator, network map of every PBS websites.

PBS said their technicians were working to close the security gaps on Monday.