The UpTurn Inc. is developing an innovative online real estate matchmaking exchange where residential real estate participants are matched with each other based on their individual profiles and intended roles in the market. The company intends to serve all participants in the residential real estate industry.

The company is being aided in achieving its goals by a highly competent board of advisors who have a wide range of experience and skill sets. The UpTurn’s board of advisors includes:

Karen Webster – Ms. Webster is president of Market Platform Dynamics. She serves as an advisor and member of the board for a number of companies operating in the payment, technology and digital media industries. She is also a frequent industry speaker and the author of numerous published articles and white papers on payments, mobile, social media, product design and loyalty.

Ms. Webster has a long history of consulting experience, having served as the managing director of global marketing and planning for PricewaterhouseCoopers’ US $6-billion management consulting practice.

Krishna Jain – Mr. Jain is a mechanical engineer with diverse experience in the aerospace, transportation, and technology industries along with a decade-plus of service in the US government. He was worked for McDonnell Douglas, General Electric, the US Department of transportation and the Research and Innovative Technologies Administration.

In March 2008, Mr. Jain began work on Galago Labs, a technology startup. Galago Labs’ goal is to create hand-held devices to support highly specific workplace needs in the medical and transportation safety fields.

Bruce L’Orange – Mr. L’Orange is the chief business development consultant for Blue Green Ventures and is also the international business director for an alternative marketing firm.

Mr. L’Orange brings unique experiences to the team, having spent more than a decade in Japan as a business owner and entrepreneur. Among his accomplishments in Japan, Mr. L’Orange built Italian fashion label MIO Milano into a well known brand in Japan, worked as business development manager for Matsushita Electric, and worked as a translator and international relations liaison for the government in Japan.

Val Fox – Ms. Fox is the founder of Red Valise and has helped companies launch successful online business and marketing strategies to drive business growth. Prior to starting Red Valise, she worked at, Forrester Research, and Bose Corporation.

Anthony Brogna – Mr. Brogna has his own consulting firm where his expertise ranges from strategic positioning to field execution, with an eye toward precise communication, both on and offline. He currently serves as marketing director for CDI America where he leads strategy and execution for Aclipse, a recruiting and staffing company while supporting the rebirth of The Daily Jolt, a website for and by college students. Mr. Brogna’s prior experience includes a stint at Red Bull North America.

Kenneth Steinberg – Mr. Steinberg is CEO of Cambridge Research & Development, a R&D company he founded in 2003. In his 20 years to Cambridge Research & Development, he helped forge the success of leading institutions such as Hughes, Hitachi, and Savant Protection. Mr. Steinberg has also held senior management positions with Digital Equipment, Softbank, and the John Von Neumann Supercomputer Center/National Science Foundation.

Stefania Mitrano – Ms. Mitrano is a leader is operations management and a successful entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in small business settings. She has over 10 years experience in production and design. Ms. Mitrano currently serves as director of production at an educational software company where she leads large and diverse teams responsible for the design, content, production and quality assurance of cutting edge learning technology products.

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