The UpTurn, Inc. announced last month that it has engaged Thoughtbot, a technology consulting firm that provides web application development and design services, to help with UpTurn’s real estate site matching platform. The UpTurn, Inc. is a Massachusetts startup currently in the process of putting together a revolutionary online real estate marketplace and social networking site, designed to more effectively match people with effective real estate solutions, based upon individual profiles, needs, and offerings.

The UpTurn plans to serve all primary residential real estate stakeholders, including buyers, sellers, renters, owners, and anyone with an interest in real estate, along with professionals such as agents and brokers. In addition, the company will directly or indirectly serve the home improvement industry, the mortgage industry, banks, legal, inspectors, contractors, and other real estate-dependent economies.

Thoughtbot is known for creating dynamic content management systems and consumer driven applications, and will help develop the underlying software for UpTurn using a Ruby on Rails platform.

Jeff Eckman, CEO of The UpTurn, explained the reason for choosing Thoughtbot, “We engaged Thoughtbot, in part, due to their rapid development methodology, which will enable us not only to develop and get to market rapidly, but also allow for rapid changes as our customers demand them. Traditional web development processes don’t necessarily allow for that level of responsiveness. Thoughtbot shares our mission to create a compelling, powerful, online real estate experience and to add value for our consumer and professional customers.”

The fact that The UpTurn has chosen a Ruby on Rails base for its offering says a lot about the company’s intentions and potential success. Ruby on Rails is considered one of the best platforms for social networking environments, and should provide The UpTurn with a far different face than most real estate sites. In fact, the non-technical community may know Ruby on Rails best for someone else that used the platform: Twitter.

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