The UpTurn, Inc., founded by Jeff Eckman, a graduate of MIT’s Sloane Business School, has gained attention for its mission to become the preeminent online real estate exchange, bringing together real estate buyers, sellers, renters, and various professionals and businesses, in a way not currently available on the Web. The company is being capitalized with investments from a number of sources, including private funding and capital markets, as well as resources provided by Blue Green Ventures.

The site itself,, is currently under development, available only in a private Beta release. will be designed to match people and properties in a much more flexible and Web 2.0 oriented way than today’s standard real estate sites, which all look and function pretty much the same. Participants will be able to create a unique profile, based on a series of questions, allowing them to join and benefit from the community in the most effective way.

The system will even be able to send query results via email, Facebook, and LinkedIn to provide active users with timely information. In addition, Flickr and YouTube will be integrated to the site for easy posting of photos and videos. The first element of the system, a separate blog site,, was recently opened, and the company has hired the technology consulting firm Thoughtbot to help make the rest of the vision a reality.

Jeff Eckman, UpTurn’s CEO, commented on the company’s stock listing and continued development. “As we enter this period of growth and increased awareness of our company, we wish to see our shareholders benefit as well. I’m confident that our efforts to meet the unmet needs of the real estate community will help us gain recognition among investors and help increase our shareholder base.”

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