Upturn Inc. (UPTR.PK) is an online real estate company focused on coordinating networking between real estate market participants such as banks, inspectors, contractors and other relative entities in the industry. The company is backed by a management team that guides the direction of the company through a variety of experience and leadership.

Jeffrey M. Eckman, founder of Blue Green Ventures (BGV) in 2008, serves as Upturn’s CEO. With more than 15 years of experience in leadership roles for technology, media and healthcare organizations, as well as holding positions in several Fortune 500 companies, Eckman contributes knowledge in operations, business development and consulting practice.

As the executive director of Projects and Client Services for BGV, Stefania Mitrano, has more than 15 years of operation management leadership and small-business in her resume. She is experienced in early stage businesses, production and design, and has worked in various fields, including technology, education, hospitality, publishing, specialty retail and e-commerce.

Scott Shunk serves as the executive vice president of Strategy and Business Development. He has won awards for his development of interactive media and technology products for commerce and content delivery, and has experience developing large-scale projects, directing their process from conception to completion, such as projects in interactive television, kiosk design and technology.

Bernard DeCunha has 20 years of experience assisting Fortune 100 businesses with outsourcing strategy, program management, client services and executive relationship management, and now serves as executive vice president and manager for UpTurn. DeCunha has an impressive record of enterprise consulting and technology services, including governing the growth of a “key relationship” from $0 to a run rate of $7 million annually in less than two years, as well as the renegotiation of a $25 million contract, both accomplished while working for Infosys.

The company also has an experienced board of advisors, each of them seasoned veterans in their various specialties. Board members are: Karen Webster, president of Market Platform Dynamics; Krishna Jain, mechanical engineer; Bruce L’Orange, chief business development consultant for BGV, and a member of the BGV Advisory Board; Val Fox, founder of Red Valise; and Anthony Brogna, marketing director for CDI America.

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