The UpTurn Inc. is a company focused on operating a website where professionals in the realty industry, along with homeowners, buyers and sellers, can be matched with their real estate needs. The company recently launched its Reality on Realty blog, a place where people exchange ideas and information on real estate, with topics ranging from home financing to property tips.

The key to the Reality on Realty current and future success rests upon the award-winning, experienced bloggers who contribute to the blog. The team at Reality on Realty consists of: Sarah Pappalardo, Katrina Munsell and Pamela Reynolds.

Sarah Pappalardo is finishing her M.A. in English at DePaul University. Sarah wrote for a FSBO real estate marketing firm in Chicago. Sarah also has written for many other media sites including Redfin and BuyOwner.

Katrina Munsell says she is obsessed with real estate, having transacted several major home deals on the West Coast. Katrina has a background in law, economics, and business development for a Fortune 100 company. Katrina is also a former contributing writer to Redfin’s Sweet Digs Seattle.

Pamela Reynolds earned a Bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia (magma cum laude). Pamela is an award-winning journalist specializing in real estate, urban issues and environmental sustainability. Her work has appeared in national magazines, the Boston Globe, other newspapers and on the internet.

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