UpTurn, Inc., the much talked about venture to provide a new online marketplace for everyone and everything involved in real estate, is still under development. But in case you haven’t heard, the idea is to create an innovative site that is focused on people and their lifestyles, not just on property specifications like other sites.

Based on the principle that networking and communication is the best way to get answers and solve problems, the objective is creating a fast and easy interface and lifestyle approach, allowing users to connect and socialize with like-minded consumers and professionals. The platform will even send query results to users via email, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and allow videos and photos through YouTube and Flickr. A team, led by the company’s founder, Jeff Eckman, a graduate of MIT’s Sloane Business School, is currently testing various technological and business elements in a private beta release.

However, one of the elements, a community-based destination blog called Reality On Realty, is already live, and has achieved a following by offering insightful content from a team of award-winning real estate bloggers. The blog continues to develop unique ways to support the exchange of useful and honest information about the real estate market, including hands-on tools you can use, like how best to negotiate with a pre-approval letter, or how a caterer can sell your house, along with a ton of links to social and information sites, and even other blogs.

CEO Jeff Eckman commented on the significance of the blog: “Reality on Realty blog is just the first of our community-based destinations. The UpTurn, Inc. is built on a foundation that searching for Real Estate should be people-centric, not property-centric. The most important and largest purchase one will ever make is property. We want that property to also fit their lifestyle and commuting preferences, not just meet their criteria for number of bedrooms.”

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