The UpTurn, Inc., developer of a much anticipated revolutionary online real estate marketplace, announced that is has been invited to kick off its beta launch as part of the Inman Connect Conference, a 3-day event bringing together innovators, technologists, visionaries, and risk takers from around the world to define real estate’s future. The launch will take place in San Francisco on August 6. The UpTurn will be one of four companies presenting that morning in the Connect Launchpad session, hosted by the founder of Inman News, Brad Inman.

The Upturn, Inc. is working in conjunction with Thoughtbot, a technology consulting firm well known for its understanding of social networking platforms, to create a real estate matching and support system that is fundamentally different than existing offerings. The site will be a collection of elements designed to provide a much more flexible and functional way for anyone interested in real estate to connect with the right people, whether buyers, sellers, landlords, renters, or professionals. The system is expected to be able to send query results via email, Facebook, and LinkedIn in an effort to serve its users anywhere, anytime. In addition, Flickr and YouTube will allow easy posting of photos and even videos.

The company has already initiated a real estate blog, as a preliminary entry to the real estate community. The community-based destination blog,, is full of insightful articles and videos, but will be just one small part of the final package. CEO Jeff Eckman commented on the company’s goal, “The UpTurn, Inc. is built on a foundation that searching for Real Estate should be people-centric, not property-centric. The most important and largest purchase one will ever make is property. We want that property to also fit their lifestyle and commuting preferences, not just meet their criteria for number of bedrooms.”

In spite of the pressures felt in the real estate industry over the last several years, the company feels this is an ideal time to launch. Perhaps its name says as much as anything about the positive orientation of the company, The UpTurn.

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