The UpTurn, Inc., an online information portal for real estate industry professionals, homeowners, sellers and buyers, recently announced the launch of the company’s Reality on Realty blog, which hosts a team of highly experienced real estate bloggers and has quickly become the online destination for news and information for forward-thinking industry professionals, homeowners, sellers and home seekers.

Currently in a private Beta testing, the company’s website matches users interested in real estate with sellers and real estate professionals that specialize in properties of that specific type and area of search. Set up for the exchange ideas and information, the portal maintains a fully opted-in audience and will be capable of sending query results to users via email, Facebook and LinkedIn.

“Reality on Realty blog is just the first of our community-based destinations. The UpTurn, Inc. is built on a foundation that searching for Real Estate should be people-centric, not property-centric,” stated Jeffrey M. Eckman, chief executive officer of The UpTurn, Inc. “The most important and largest purchase one will ever make is property. We want that property to also fit their lifestyle and commuting preferences, not just meet their criteria for number of bedrooms.”

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