The UpTurn, Inc., under the leadership of founder and CEO Jeffrey Eckman, is combining real estate needs with lifestyle interests to create what some are calling the world’s first Web 2.0 real estate site. As a startup venture, the company is being capitalized with investments from private funding and capital markets, and is also receiving resources and support from another young company founded by Eckman, BGV (Blue Green Ventures).

BGV provides business development strategy and tactical services for early stage companies, with the goal of creating and expanding markets through innovative business models. The UpTurn is BGV’s primary focus, but the quality of BGV team members suggests a bright and diverse future for the company. Besides Jeff Eckman, who has over 15 years of Fortune 500 and business development experience, BGV management includes the following:

• Bernard DeCunha, Executive VP and General Manager, who has 20 years of experience in client acquisition and business development with companies like Xerox and Kodak. He also founded the Boston office for Polaris Software Labs.

• Stefanio Mitrano, BGV Executive Director, handles Projects & Client Services operations and brings over 15 years of small business development and operations experience, including the software market and ecommerce.

• Scott Shunk, Executive VP, Strategy & Business Development, is an award winning developer of interactive media and technology products for commerce and content delivery, and is also director of the MIT Visualizing Cultures project.

• Bruce L’Orange, Chief Business Development Consultant, has a decade of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner in Japan, and has also worked for Panasonic.

• Krishna Jain, BGV Board of Advisors, has a strong engineering background in aerospace, transportation, and technology industries, including McDonnell Douglas and General Electric.

• Anthony Brogna, BGV Board of Advisors, helps uncover what makes companies and brands successful, and was one of the key people responsible for making Red Bull the #1 energy drink in the U.S.

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