UQM Technologies Inc., developer and manufacturer of power-dense, high-efficiency electric motors and products for the automotive, aerospace, military and industrial markets, today announced it will supply its PowerPhase electric propulsion systems for an Audi test-fleet build and vehicle development process for its A1 e-tron all-electric vehicle.

The company noted that automobile manufacturers typically build test fleets to evaluate new technologies and vehicles that are in development stage before they are introduced on the market.
Eric R. Ridenour, president and CEO of UQM, said the order reflects UQM’s ability to meet the varying demands of its automotive customers and that the company is on track for further growth.

“This fleet order from Audi further validates the ability of our products to meet the demanding requirements of major automotive customers,” Ridenour stated in the press release. “We are extremely well-positioned and prepared for growth as the electrification market continues to develop and expand.”

UQM’s PowerPhase engine range is a lightweight electric drive motor and controller with the ability to supply up to 300 Nm of peak torque and 125 kW of peak power.

The company also recently completed the validation of its volume production lines with annual capacity of 40,000 units, in addition to its full line of propulsion systems.

Ridenour said UQM’s industry experience is leverage in additional opportunities and programs.
“Our solid history in developing electric propulsion systems has enabled us to secure another major international OEM fleet build program,” Ridenour stated.

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