Uruguay beat Paraguay on Monday to take home their record setting 15th Copa America title.

Behind the powerful legs of Luis Suarez and lion-haired Diego Forlan, Uruguay beat their South American rival 3-0. Suarez scored first, but Forlan scored twice in the during the match, and had a number of beautiful near-misses, including a goal-line header.

With about 3.5 million people, Uruguay was the smallest nation in the tournament. It has a population roughly equal to Connecticut.

The win makes Uruguay the most successful Copa America country, beating host nation Argentina's 14. Uruguay saw most of its success in the early years of the tournament, winning six of the first 10 events. Their last win was in 1995, and before that, 1987.

"We played as a group," said Suarez, who was selected as the best player of the tournament. "I think when groups are united like this, everyone together and going for the same thing, you can get things done."

Uruguay, Forlan and Suarez made names for themselves in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, when placed fourth.