The race between Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters for Pippa Middleton’s first TV interview is on.

According to the British tabloid reports, the U.S. chat show hosts are now engaged in a £300,000 bidding war for Pippa’s interview.

Pippa came into limelight in April 2011 at her sister Kate Middleton’s wedding. Since then Pippa has been at the center of media attention for her style, looks, her social life, personal life and more.

An insider at Oprah Winfrey Network told Sunday Mirror that the chat show queen has ordered her staff to pull out all the stops for Pippa’s exclusive interview.

Even, ABC's Barbara Walters is rumored to be offering a six-figure sum for the interview, The Mirror reported.

Now both chat show hosts want to secure Middleton as a guest for an hour-long special in their show.

The big guns see Pippa as the big-name interview of 2012, a source told Fox News. Oprah and Barbara Walters are hot on the case.

However, on the morning talk show The View, on Monday, Walters denied the rumors of offering Pippa a six-figure deal for an exclusive interview.

It's not true. ABC News does not pay for interviews. I have no idea what Oprah does, but we do not pay. ABC News does not pay. She's not a news program, so maybe they have a different policy, Walters said.

Walters, who included Pippa in her list of the Most Fascinating People of 2011, also said, To make it clear: Would I like to do the interview? Yes, I think she's a charming, beautiful girl.”