U.S. conference board will announce their index on consumer confidence today, as it probably dipped to a 5 years low at 73.5 in March down from 75.0 in February, highlighting that the financial crisis and some other factors led the economy to a certain point where consumers were able to see it and lose their confidence.

Soaring energy prices, soaring food prices, jobs losses and increasing uncertainties in the world's largest economy, the decline in stock markets are the main reasons behind that low confidence, and to tell you the truth it is not something to be blamed for, the U.S. economy is going through a very rough turbulence and people are just getting tired of it.

Consumer confidence might not be a direct measure to the actual spending and health of the economy, and yeah sometimes confidence decline yet spending somehow incline, but we cant just close our eyes on it, on the long run these things have a great effect, and I am sure that the housing slump may stop, the stock decline might stop, everything might stop if we were able to manage the confidence of consumers and investors.

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