With very tight crisis the economy is getting through in this era, it is conceivable that consumer confidence might drop, not only in the economy but also in the investment sector, yet so far all the drops in confidence indicators weren't that massive, especially as it came at the fourth quarter in the year which means that consumers have no much choice but to have some faith in their economy at least till the end of the holiday season. Consumer confidence as measured by the conference board is expected to drop to 87.0 in January remarking a two years low in confidence, following 88.6 in December, highlighting that 2008 might be for the worse to come.

Before that, and at 13:30 GMT, we will be waiting for the durable goods report, the report is expected to show a great improvement in the orders fro the month of December by 1.6%, all driven by demand on aircrafts, and that explains why expectations for the durable goods orders excluding transportation might either gain or drop 0.1% from the previous month were it dropped by 0.7%.

Durable goods orders might give a hint about how much consumers are welling to spend on long lived goods, which means that they still have some faith in the economy which might be another indicator related to consumer confidence, but with aircraft sales, sometimes it’s a little bit difficult to track those number but on the core level i.e. excluding transportations.

That’s about it dear reader for today, the second day of warming up on the way to what is bigger, so you do some warming up yourself dear reader and get ready with what you have today for what you will face tomorrow and till the end of the week.