New home sales in the United States most probably fell in December to 645,000 housing units, down from 647,000 units, marking the biggest annual decline in 40 years, highlighting that the housing market in the U.S. economy deteriorated massively last year, and will be probably keep slumping until the fed makes some right decisions to find the bottom of the curve.

The housing data reflecting December so far showed nothing but always a greater decline below all expectations, so don’t be shocked today as well if the decline was even greater, and don’t get shocked if market didn’t react to the news, markets are now more eagerly waiting for the rest of the week data, mainly the growth data for the 4th quarter, the FOMC decision and January's jobs report.

As you can see dear reader, today is just a powerful start for a greater week, data from all kinds of sectors will be on the queue, and each and everyone of those are just a study on its own, a major contribution to an overall economy, that needs to be clarified, and in other words it needs to be decided whether the economy is heading to a recession or not, and what are the steps that are being taken to prevent it.