The U.S. dollar continued to earn ground against the Japanese yen and the euro on early Friday. As, the U.S. dollar index touched its highest level since January directly after the U.S. Treasury bond yields reached a new level since October.

The U.S. dollar is still advancing against the Japanese yen. The USD/JPY retreated today by 0.26% and it backed to record the high of 83.60 after starting the session at 83.43 and the low of 83.38, while the JPY was affected negatively by the BoJ meeting minutes where the Japanese central bank add 10 trillion yen to the asset-purchase programme.

As for the Australian dollar, it was moving within a tight range this morning recording the high of 1.0537 and the low of 1.0512m as the Aussie rose by 0.85%.

Meanwhile, kiwi NZD recovered slightly from its lowest in two months versus the dollar and advanced by 1.50% and its currently hovering around 0.8214 recording the high of 0.8215 and the low of 0.8189.

Moving to Europe, where there is some important data to be released today, as the euro zone will release the trade balance figures for January.