Just another day of the same thing.

There really is no need to do any analysis these days, look at company fundamentals or talk about the economy. Everything else typed about has become just a complete sideshow.

I'll just do 1 post each day talking about the dollar and whatever it does, do the opposite and you win 95% of the time.  Anyone with the mental development of a 3 year old child should be able to navigate this sophisticated market with thousands of one moving parts.  For anyone with brain development over the age of 3, it's become an annoying market.

As S&P1096 is breached we are forced to sell our TNA short and puts to lock in some smallish profits.  We're buyers of long exposure once they behead the US dollar to the point the S&P can go over 1103.  Until then I am working on destroying brain cells as rapidly as I can so I can enjoy this market.