An unmanned U.S. drone missile strike in the Taliban-controlled North Waziristan province of Pakistan has killed at least six suspected militants on Friday, according to local officials.

According to Pakistan media, two missiles hit the Tappi region, six miles east of Miranshah, the principal town of North Waziristan. The attack also destroyed a vehicle.

Many others were reportedly injured in the attack.

This lawless tribal area, along the Afghan border, has long been targeted by the US because it is believed to be filled with Taliban and other insurgents.

CNN reported that it is believed to be the 26th drone strike by the US military in Pakistan. It is also the seventh such strike in the tribal areas of Pakistan since US commandos killed Osama bin Laden.

Drone strikes are extremely controversial because many innocent civilians have been killed by them, according to Pakistani sources.

US officials will not confirm that such strikes have occurred. The Pakistani government claims that they do not condone such military measures in the border regions.

During an extraordinary joint session of both houses of Pakistan’s Parliament on May 13, members condemned the drone strikes as a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and integrity.