The U.S. government and its electoral process are largely influenced by Israel, claims an American activist.

Paul Larudee, the co-founder of the Free Palestine Movement, said Thursday that the United States gives enough economic and military support to the United Nations so that Israel can be protected with veto power. However, America may not benefit a lot by this as the move is largely based on domestic politics, Larudee added.

“It is because it benefits the person who is running for office in the United States and this is because Israel has taken control, to a large degree, of the electoral process and the processes of government,” Larudee told Press TV. “Israel, to a large extent, can determine what U.S. policy is with respect to the Middle East and in some other matters as well.”

The Iranian-born political activist is one of those who is behind the Free Gaza movement. He claims that FBI agents generally approaches him and asks about his plans. According to Larudee, the FBI came to his residence twice.

When asked if U.S. President Barack Obama is protecting Palestinians, Larudee said it was not the case.

"This is what Obama would like everyone to think. But the U.S. policy never changes, whoever becomes the President," he told RT in April 2012.

Larudee was reportedly shot by an Israeli soldier in the West Bank in 2002. He was denied entrance to Israel without explanation at Tel Aviv airport in 2006.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met President Obama at the White House Monday, for the first time in one year. He reportedly discussed about ways to expand the U.S. military support for Israel. The Israeli PM hoped to secure a 10-year military aid package deal with the U.S.