FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - New orders for manufactured goods have increased at a higher than expected extent in November, according to the latest report by the US Commerce Department.

Factory orders increased by 1.5% in December to $430.3 billion, following a 0.7% increase posted in October, revised up from the initially estimated 0.5% increase.

Unfilled orders rose 1.0% to $786.8 billion in November, inventories increased 0.8% following a 0.2% increase in November, while inventories to shipments ratio decreased to 1.22 months in November from 1.23 months in October.

New orders for non durable goods decreased 0.1% to $214.1 billion following a 0.5% decrease in October, while new orders for non-durable goods increased 3.0% to $ 216.3 billion.