The US Unemployment Rate for August came in higher as forecasted at 9.6% a prior reading of 9.5%, while the Change in Nonfarm Payrolls for the same period showed a shed of 54 thousand jobs, which is better than the predicted shed of 105 thousand and the prior shed of 131 thousand jobs, while the Change in Manufacturing Payrolls showed a shed of 27 thousand, which is actually worse than the predicted add of 9.8 thousand employees and the prior add of 36 thousand jobs, plus the Change in Private Payrolls for the same period added 67 thousand from 71 thousand while the market predicted it to show a add of 40 thousand jobs only.

Now, the country's Average Hourly Earnings for August rose to 0.3%; better than the prior reading of 0.2% and the predicted 0.1% and came in at 1.7% for the year ending June, which is better as well than the market forecasts of 1.6% but lower than the prior reading of 1.8%, while the Average Weekly Hours for August stayed unchanged as expected at 34.2.