The U.S economy released this morning its infamous Jobs report regarding April to show that the economy added 244 thousand jobs to it Non-Farm Payroll compared to the prior revised of 221 thousand jobs, and exceeded analysts' estimates at 185 thousand., and most importantly unemployment rose from 8.8% to 9.0%.

The report also mentioned that Private Payrolls eased by 268 thousand compared to the prior increase worth 231 thousand, above markets expected 200 thousand jobs addition. Manufacturing Payrolls reversed prior 22 thousand job to add 29 thousand jobs during April compared to expectations of 20 thousand jobs.

Average Hourly Earnings dropped on monthly basis by 0.1% versus prior flat estimate and revised of 2.0% , while below the expected estimate of 0.2%, on Yearly basis the index climbed by 1.9% versus the prior climb of 1.7% and exceeding the expected climb worth 1.8%.