FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Wall Street moved most of the session in the negative side but a late hour rally sent main indexes higher. The Dow Jones finished above 10,000 for the second day in a row. The Nasdaq rose 0.05% and the S&P 500 0.42%. Crude oil rocketed.

The slid in financial stocks was offset by the rise in companies link with energy prices that where boosted by a rally in crude oil that rose more than 3% and ended above $77 a barrel, at fresh year highs.

The Dollar is stable across the board with mix results so far today. EUR/USD holds above 1.4900 trading at the 1.4930 zone. GBP/USD holds an upside bias and is consolidating big gains. The pair trades above 1.6250. USD/JPY is testing a support at 90.50 and a few hours ago tested the highs of the day at 90.80.