FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Risk aversion is back after Moody's warned U.K. and the U.S. about their deficits and talked about the possibility of losing its AAA rating. Also concerns about Dubai and Greece are back on the top. The Dow Jones is losing 0.85% and the Nasdaq 0.72%. Markets in Europe are tumbling more than 1.25% on average. Crude oil and gold are also falling. The Yen and the Dollar are rising across the board.

EUR/USD fell to a one month low at 1.4725 and currently is hovering around 1.4755, falling for the third consecutive day. GBP/USD fell is holding below 1.6300 and earlier fell to 1.6255, hitting a 6-week low. Cable is also lower against the Euro.

The Yen is rising sharply across the board. USD/JPY fell below 88.80 to 88.17. Currently trades at 88.50/55. Against European currencies the Yen is extending yesterday's gains and trades at the lowest level in a week.

Crude oil has fallen below $73 a barrel and gold is also lower. As a consequence currencies tied to commodities are down against the Dollar.