The US Secret Service prostitute scandal has caused much embarrassment to President Barack Obama and completely tarnished his recent major international summit in Cartagena.

More than 20 US military agents, including two supervisors, have been accused of misconduct and romping with prostitutes in a Colombian hotel room, just ahead of President's visit, bringing much humiliation to the nation and Obama's state.

The shameful act of his trusted official military agents has utterly upset the President, who expected them to maintain proper dignity and decorum for they are representing the people of United States.

Obama has ordered for a thorough investigation in the case and suspended 11 services agents involved in the scandal.

I expect that investigation to be thorough, and I expect it to be rigorous, Obama said. If it turns out that some of the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed, then of course I'll be angry.

We are representing the people of the United States, and when we travel to another country, I expect us to observe the highest standards, he said, the Huffington Post reported.

The controversy came into light after Obama's elite Secret Service agents were caught partying, involving prostitutes at a Colombian strip club in historic Cartagena, before the President arrived for a summit.

A prostitute involved in the scandal burst the bubble of the US security guards calling local police and refusing to leave the hotel's premises till she was paid for the services, the Telegraph reported.

The manager of the club, Juan Carlos, told the reporters that the security agents under the influence of alcohol beat up the employees of the bar when asked to pay the bills and later picked young girls they liked the most.

The gringos got rowdy at the bar. They drank fine whisky and slept with the prettiest ones, the ones that charge 300,000 pesos (about $180), the club worker told the El Heraldo. Some did not want to pay. To make it worse, they almost beat up employees who wanted them to pay up.

We let the boss (Obama) down because nobody's talking about what went on in Colombia other than this incident, Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at a news conference. We're embarrassed by what occurred in Colombia.